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Isobel is the Chiswick yummy mummy’s best kept secret!  Helen, Chiswick

I’ve had several Botox treatments with Isobel and each time has been a joy. She really puts you at ease and makes the session relaxing and fun.  The results have been great, helping me to look and feel younger but in a very natural way. I’ve had loads of compliments on how well I look but no-on has asked if I’ve had Botox!  Rachel, Richmond

I love my face!  It moves but has no wrinkles …. That’s a result! Kelly, Royston. 


Having been nervous to try Botox, Isobel put me immediately at ease with her personal approach. She has a wealth of experience and her results are terrific. I chose Isobel given her reputation of delivering a very natural look. I have been to her many times over the last 2 years and cannot recommend her highly enough" - Katy, Cambridge 


Taking the step from scrutinising your frown lines in the mirror to actually going to see someone about it is a huge one. Your face may be looking a bit tired but you still want to look like you, right? Meeting Isobel made the fears disappear ... along with the lines. I never wanted anyone to think I'd had Botox, I just wanted to look as though I'd had a few good nights' sleep. She does subtle but effective so well ... and now I always look forward so much to our chats too. Louise, Hammersmith


I have been seeing Isobel for well over 10 years. Thanks to her excellent treatments my skin has improved hugely and I feel much more confident to face the world with only minimal make-up on. I respect her advice and integrity as she has never “pushed” high-end products if she thinks something from the high-street is equivalent. Her manner is lovely too such that time with Isobel feels not just a tonic for the skin but the mind as well.  Tanya, Hampstead


I have known Isobel for decades and I would never go to anyone else for Botox and Filler. Isobel has impeccable taste and an eye for what looks natural, soft and discreet. “Less is more” is an expression that always reminds me of Isobel and I come away with a subtle difference on my face, looking and feeling younger and fresher. She has a natural flair and talent and her skilled work offers natural beauty. Lale, St Johns Wood


I have known Isobel for a few years.  She has oodles of experience.  She listens, she is very understanding, she gives sensible recommendations.  Her treatments are tremendous.  I recommend her wholeheartedly.  Patrick, Chiswick.


Her thorough approach, gentle technique and friendly aftercare makes me wonder why I spent so long worrying about whether to have a treatment.  Hilda, Ealing

I’m over the moon! The treatment has worked brilliantly!  Everyone says how well I look …. And I just say “thank you” (while raising a glass to you, my dear!). Heather, Marylebone


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