This a perfect entry level non-invasive way to improve your skin even if other treatments available with Isobel feel too clinical for you.

This is a clinician only, high quality, pharmaceutical skin brand.  The differentiating factor is that they use pharmaceutical technology to feed and support the cells in the deeper layers of the skin.   Using a highly concentrated blend of medical grade antioxidants and vitamins the unique P.E.T.® technology delivers the products to the deeper levels of the skin helping to regenerate and repair historic damage and hormonal degeneration.   This is the same technology that delivers drugs like oestrogen to the body in gel formations.

In today’s complex cosmetic industry, we are inundated with numerous products claiming to contain beneficial ingredients to “reverse” the signs of ageing. However, it is a fact that most active ingredients have molecules that are too large for them to penetrate the skin’s protective outer layers. You will hear Isobel speak about making “microscopic porridge” as we apply products to our skin coated in dead skin cells. The active ingredients in average products haven’t got a hope of getting through the natural protective layer of the skin … especially with a porridge like layer of dead skin and moisturizer build up. Many skincare creams use non-penetrating additives and silicones that just sit on the surface of the skin to create the illusion of smoother skin without providing long-term nutritive benefits to the living cells under the surface skin layers

Whats involved?

A 30 minute Super Cleanse Clinical Facial using the fantastic Pancreatic Enzyme Mask every 4-6 weeks with Isobel will help clear the dead skin cells and super charge your skin making it ready to receive the benefits of the SESHA skin products.  Your own cell turnover increases, you have another facial, more skin is shed and so the process continues.  Most clients report a visible benefit 2 weeks after commencing home use creams and many become wedded to the amazingly clean feeling of their skin after the facial. Your skin is pink and fresh afterwards.  You can apply make up immediately. There is no down time. Isobel will recommend and supply home use products to you.

Who Are SESHA?

SESHA SKIN THERAPY is a US professional science-based skin care program dedicated to revealing beautiful skin by feeding and nourishing it. Using the delivery system (P.E.T.®), the highest quality antioxidants, peptides, botanicals, and vitamins can be delivered where no other skin care system can – to the skin’s regenerative layers. 

The story of SESHA SKIN THERAPY began as a biomedical endeavor over 20 years ago when Harvard and MIT educated scientist, Dr. Dean Hsieh, discovered a way to deliver large density drugs into the body through the skin as an alternative to pills or injections. This technology, Permeation Enhancement Technology (P.E.T.®), was a medical breakthrough and is a key ingredient, providing an enhanced delivery system, for a pharmaceutical product approved by the FDA in 2002*. During the initial testing phases of P.E.T.®, vitamin creams were applied on human skin to test the efficacy of the delivery system, and through that process, our scientists recognized that P.E.T.® could achieve remarkable results in preventing and restoring damage to the skin.

*Testim ®, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals

Sesha don’t advertise in the UK, although they do in the US.  It’s a clinician only brand of products but are priced as close to regular anti-ageing department store brands as possible.