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  • Questions about Botox®
    What is Botox®? Botox® (Botulinum Toxin ) is an injectable pharmaceutically manufactured product which affects the nerves and the muscle that those nerves feed into. The toxin temporarily paralyses the muscle and prevents it from working. Areas not treated continue to work as normal. Am I suitable? You can have any of these treatments is you are over 18, and neither pregnant nor breast feeding. As with any treatment there are some specific exclusions that Isobel will discuss with you at your consultation appointment. Listening to your concerns is something Isobel does really well and she will find an ideal treatment for you to suit your needs. How long does it take? Treatments take 15-20 minutes depending on areas treated. You will be asked some questions about your medical history and asked to read and sign a consent form. How long to treatments last? 3 – 6 months depending on facial mobility and body metabolism. Negative signs of ageing return to their original or better state. Eg frown lines can improve cumulatively with each treatment Are these treatments safe? All treatments performed by Isobel have been tested extensively, are not permanent and have a long history of being used in many specialities, not just aesthetics. In addition, all products, including the micro needling device, have the hard to achieve FDA approval in the USA. Are there any side effects? Sometimes patients experience a headache after the treatment as it begins to work. Alternatively, there may be some disparity in the effect of the treatment and a ‘touch up’ may be required. Sometimes, Botox® can cause a drooping of the eyelid/eyebrow or asymmetry to facial expression but every effort is made to limit this risk. Does Botox® work immediately? Botox® can take up to 3 weeks to have full effect. For this reason, any ‘touch up’ is performed between 2- 4 weeks.
  • Questions about Fillers Fillers – Hyaluronic Acid
    Injectable hyaluronic acid is a manmade product which mimics the hyaluronic acid that occurs naturally in our bodies. One of its natural functions is to improve the texture and elasticity of the skin. As an injection it restores volume to the parts of the face which have lost volume due to the ageing process. It is also used to restore lustre and volume to lips and cheeks as well as the traditional nose to mouth lines. Which products are used? Isobel uses Restylane, Teosyal, Juevederm and Belotero products. All have a long history of safety, efficacy and patient satisfaction. Is it painful? A range of anaesthetics can be used to minimize discomfort: Local anaesthetic injections, anaesthetic creams, icepacks. All the products have anaesthetic within them. Is there bruising? Bruising is always a risk with any injection – especially if you take anti-coagulants eg Warfarin or Asprin. Vitamin E supplements, red wine and menstruation can also increase your bruising risk. How long does it take? Depending on the area to be treated appointments for fillers take 30-60 mins including a detailed consultation and consent process. How long does it last? Fillers generally have a cumulative effect. That is, the first treatment may last 6 – 9 months but treatments thereafter may last a full year. What are the side effects? Sometimes patients experience short term swelling, tenderness, redness or bruising around the injection site. There is sometimes lumpiness which is easily rectified with massage. Rarely there can be some interference with the flow of blood through blood vessels adjacent to the filler. This is treatable but requires the filler to be dissolved. Does it work immediately? You will see the effects of the filler immediately. Some swelling may come after the treatment but what you see when you are with Isobel is the end result.
  • Common treatments
    Both men and women can be treated with Botox and /or Fillers for classic signs of ageing such as: Botox treats the following areas: Horizontal forehead wrinkles Number 11 frown lines Crows feet ‘Smokers’ lines – including non smokers lines Downturned mouth Dimpled chin Crepey or stringy neck Excessive armpit sweating Fillers treat the following areas Nose to mouth lines and folds Lost volume to cheeks Lost volume to lips Acne scarring Skin treatments Pancreatic Enzyme Peel No downtime and a deep cleanse using medical only products, deep moisturise and massage Micro Needling A high powered FDA approved sterile needling system using the body’s own natural healing process to tighten and refresh sagging, sun damaged, scarred or ageing skin. 2 – 5 sessions for best results.
  • Insurance
    Isobel Wood Aesthetics is ensured by Hamilton Fraser.
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